Dark Green Tree 4 - Yearly Forecast: 2019

Vojko J Kalan

Kaj je resnični svet? -Izogibaj se uživanju poživil.



Real Truth


Dark Green Tree 4


2019 - Loyalty



A vibrant year full of opportunities has passed. Now is the time when activity: the vigor and variability move to your inner world. The inner world becomes so real for you, that it is not easy to separate what is happening only for you and what others can see, hear and experience even in your immediate vicinity. Such a deep feeling of the world you are experiencing can be a great gift, when you are aware of it and live your life vigilantly and carefully. It can, however, cause not too nice moments for you, when you live it without an awareness of yourself.


This year you reflect your surroundings so strongly that you do not often realize what, and who you are, and what a person is next to you - Or perhaps elsewhere - because you really do not know if the feelings you have are yours, or you feel the emotions of the person sitting next to you, or your neighbor on the other side of the wall, or someone who is in a similar situation to you, far away!


And because this year you are living under a strong influence of 9 KI White Water 1, this time will bring many emotional and physical challenges. But generally it's very good for you. When you use KI energy in the right way it is very auspicious for you. 


You can shape your life from responsive behavior by framing it in you and your body-friendly lifestyle. In this way, in 2019 you absorb, literally drink KI energy, grow stronger, and you can even rejuvenate yourself. 

And although you see more than most others, this is a time when it's good to rely on the knowledge of people loyal to you. Their advice helps you to strengthen your soul and body and offer you a hand when you are lost in a dark pit and you do not see the way out ...


A complete insight into the energy of this year, they help you to do more and better from your life!



"Vineyard does not need prayer, but a hoe."


- Bulgarian proverb



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