Light Green Tree 3 - Yearly Forecast: 2019

Vojko J Kalan

Ohranjaj fokus



Focus On The Essence 


Light Green Tree 3


2019 - Unprecedented Opportunities




As of 2018, you are visiting the house of realization for nine years. This time, all the activities that you are developing already all your life are being realized. So, everything that you are trying to accomplish, as well as everything that you do - consciously or unconsciously - is realized. Doesn't matter if this behavior has been taken over from parents, from the environment, from the school time, or elsewhere in your lifetime!



The energy in 2019 releases an invisible bubble blocker that fenced you last year. During this time your awareness of who and what you are and what is all that you received from your surroundings has increased. This year is, therefore, a time when it would be a good idea to live what you feel deep in your heart. 



As your personal energy associated with annually, KI energy is showing you in this way what your life has 'in stock' for you. This is beyond what you receive for your effort and action over the last nine to twenty-seven years. 



Annual energy is stormy and your personal energy is supporting it even more. So it is very important that you keep your attention on the content that matters to your life - if you are able to achieve in your lifetime or not!

Life gives you the opportunity to experience the exact content you are focused on and you work on it all the time. Why this emphasis? Because you realize that this is your personal characteristic: you start very well, you continue well, but you finish poorly. But it would be great for you to finish the work you have done orderly. Keep this custom from now on! 



And here is a simple, yet great idea: "When you have nothing to do, don't do this here!" - Every time, when your current action does not help, it does not lead to your dreams, to your goals - leave; replace the action by focusing in the right direction!



Anything and everything you are experiencing this year draw your life energy. So, strive to actively work in areas that are not always in your 'focus': your moods, your health, and relationships with your loved ones.



Have an open heart and an open mind. Grab the opportunities that are offered to you. You can decide later if you want to follow them or abandon it, but you cannot grab it when it is not here anymore. Anyway, do not allow wasting time and energy in environments where events are leading you away from your dreams, your interests, people you love and your goals. 



Such a great time comes to you only once every nine years. Use it wisely!

It would be great to complete 'Strong' projects, unusual opportunities not later than by February 3, 2020. All you will start later will fall into rubbish.



A complete insight into the energy of this year, they help you to do more and better from your life!




"The key to happiness is the dream ...

the key to success is the realization of dreams."


- unknown author



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