9 KI Black Soil 2 Monthly Forcast: April 2019         Calm down your passions    Work, family, and dessert   Live organized           April can be a very nice month for you. Of c
9 KI White Soil 8 Monthly Forecast: April 2019         You have all you need   At the reach of your fingertips   Be here. Now!       April is a continuation of the energy of the previous m
9 KI Dark Green Tree 4 Monthly Forecast: April 2019         Limelight    An opportunity for unusual experience   Can not hide anything       April sets you up in an energy dynamic of the p
9 KI Light Green Tree 3 Monthly Forecast: April 2019         Revolution    Quiet and friendly   Clean the cellar and the attic       April offers you the opportunity to
9 KI Yellow Soil 5 Monthly Forecast: April 2019         Mirrors    Who is who   Live orderly       April is not the most pleasant month for you. Yet it can be useful, however, when you loo
9 KI Red Metal 7 Monthly Forecast: April 2019         Go Forward    Personal growth   Start of continuation       April allows you to do everything that you left aside last year. At the sa
9 KI Purple Fire 9 Monthly Forecast: April 2019       Accept the Truth    Fine settings   Organized move to your goals     On April 5, 2019, the 9th month of White Water ends. F
9KI White Metal 6 Monthly Forecast: April 2019       Plan it    Learning time   Don't look for shortcuts       On April 5, 2019, the 9th Month of White Water 1 is complet
9 KI White Water 1 Monthly Forecast: April 2019         Start of Ending    Beauty Additives   Seeing The Conclusion       On April 5, 2019, the 9th Month of White Water ends. The time when


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