Black Soil 2 - Monthly Forecast: March 2019

Vojko J Kalan

Organiziraj se



Organize Yourself


One kind word can warm three winter months


It is simple to succeed  




but not easy!


March brings you the results of your nine months deeds. Read it well: Is about Your Action! So it's not just what you wanted and what you were striving for, but this time also brings results for all that you did unconsciously. If these are good habits, the results are good, if habits are harmful, the results are also harmful to you.


So in March don't deal with things, people, situations that do not bring you anything. Which gives you no energy, no solution, no money, no good feeling. Do it. Make actions which lead you to your goals and to your better health, better life. The last is especially important after the year of turmoil. Read the annual forecast a number of times and try to understand its depth.


In the meantime, the order and discipline associated with a good organization yield good results, but in spite of all this, they are usually no better than last year. Therefore, invest more energy into personal growth and personal development. Set boundaries and honor agreements with yourself. Promise less, do more!

Be friendly with your fellow men and especially with yourself!




"Success is nothing more than few simple disciplines practiced every day."


- Jim Rohn




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