Red Metal 7 - Monthly Forecast: March 2019

Vojko J Kalan

Ko se ti zatakne, se spomni na ta predvid



Time to learn


Take Care


Hurry in a slow pace 




For you, February was a time of deep inner changes, made already in December 2018. February was the month that showed you the true truth in interpersonal relationships when you realize which people left you and your life in December last year.

March is not a time for quick, sudden and unplanned activities. This is the time of your learning and planning. So it is better to calmly and quietly increase your energy and thus physical, emotional and intellectual strength. It's good that you devote yourself to learning what you believe you will need in the coming months. And when you have the feeling that you need to help your fellow human beings, be aware that this month you are the one, who needs help in the area, which you see for others.


March is, therefore, a time when it is good for you to think carefully about all your activities before you engage in them. In fact, it is good for every step, for every move you make - to do it very, very, very, very slowly. Deal with the situations thoughtfully and always act calmly and kindly.


It is also important that you express your dissatisfaction as soon as you can do it calmly and kindly. Because 'stacking dissatisfactions with the pile' is never desirable, and this month is the least. Because when the bunch is too big, your dissatisfaction will 'burst' and you will lose too much energy in such an 'explosion'.




“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.”


- Lao Tzu




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