Yellow Soil 5 - Monthly Forecast: March 2019

Vojko J Kalan

Be aware of yourself.



Don't hide anything


Experience Future Now


Keep Dreams Alive 




March brings you to friendly waters. It emphasizes all your qualities, all your desires and your intentions. At the same time, it's a time when you can not hide in the neighborhood. Every one sees you, every one notices you, and many give you priority; offer 

 you some benefits, and at every turn, there is a chance for you to experience your future - now.

So do not hide anything in March. Return the debts, whether it's money or a visit to a mother. Do what you promised in the last days, weeks or months. This month's precision should be your chastity. Not only the accuracy in agreement with other people - even the accuracy and 'keeping the word' to yourself could be more important than anything else.


March is a time when you are invited to many places, to various clubs and events. Just go, but invest your time and energy only where you have something to do. When you notice that you are only wasting your time, energy, money - thank people for an invitation and invest your time to what leads you closer to your long-term (life) dreams, desires, goals.


Hold on to this quote:


"Who has nothing to do, let him not do this here!"



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